Who We Service and Repair Electrical Appliances For

We do repairs for electical applicances for all major household , real estate and government department appliances including dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, range hoods and ovens and guarantee a 12 month warranty on all our repair services.

At SMS Electronics , we strive to achieve only the highest standard with our preformance when dealing with any electrical appliances. Unlike other companies, there are no minimum charges on our labour, quotes or call out fees. We pride ourselves on prompt and reliable services as well as after hour emergency services.

Busy? Can’t find a suitable time? We can help you here if your household appliance is performing as it used to be. If the simple task it was meant to do is in a full halt and you just aren’t sure what to do about it, then our best advise is NOT to Don’t do anything. Just call us, SMS Electronics. We specialize in all household, real estate, government-owned electrical appliances in both their maintenance and simple repair. We know everything about them so you don’t have to. With a tech savvy team of professionals we keep on top of the newest models and features so we can apply ourselves to any problem that should arise. We are operating in the Melbourne area and with the simple act of a phone call we can be at your doorstep in no time, making your life a little easier.

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