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    We have been in the Electrical Appliance Repairs business for more than forty years, servicing and repairing DISHWASHERS, DRYERS, OVENS & STOVES for both domestic and corporate businesses. Our servicing geographical coverage spans the Eastern and South Eastern suburbs.     CALL (03) 9888 1511
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    From our humble beginings in the early years we started off servicing domestic house calls. Through our trusted work we have now expanded to include Real Estate companies as well as government departments

    CALL (03) 9888 1511

Our experience ensures that the job is done quickly and promptly

We repair all makes and models. Have an old discontinued one? No problems! Have an appliance too inconvenient to move from you premises? We can take care of that too

The problem that most stoves get often gets your attention is the smell of something burning. It might be like rubber or some other burning smell. The thing to keep in mind about a washing machine is that the one big moving part is that drum and it deals with a lot of lint and other little pieces of stuff that fall out of our clothing. It is really easy for something to get wedged down in the mechanism and begin to rub and burn. READ MORE…….

Washing dishes can be a chore and it becomes even worse if you have clear up after a dinner. There were only four extra people, and normally it would be a breeze, and sure you get it done without a fuss, but then again you always had a dishwasher to handle everything except your good cut-glasses. So what’s different now, and what on earth happened to your dishwasher? Unfortunately it had given up all hope of life READ MORE


For one thing, ovens are a category of machines that historically need very few repairs. The old “Maytag repairman” commercials refer to the fact that the major washing machine companies are well known for making extremely durable products. For me, when I hear a pitch for an extended warranty, I think that the retailer either has low expectations that the product will endure which means I should READ MORE

A washing machine is an expensive machine. So when it seems to be acting up, the first instinct you have is to call the repairman. But really most washing machines are not terribly complex. While you do want to leave the really complicated repairs to someone who is trained in how to fix washing machines, when you detect a problem, it is possible you can repair the problem yourself if the problem is simple. READ MORE…..

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Adjacent to Jordanville train station, on the southern side of the bridge amongst the group of shops. Call (03) 9888  1511


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